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Project title The management improvement of International School of Law and Business

Project information

Programme Operational programme for the development of human resources
Project No. VP1-2.1-ŠMM-04-K-01-003
Project duration 2010.03.08-2012.03.08 (2 years)
Project executor International School of Law and Business
Short description Higher education reform urges the higher education institution to improve the management. ISLB, striving to increase its competitiveness in the national and international markets, plans 4 strategic activity groups:1. Enterprise strengthening;

2. Activity quality improvement;

3. International recognition strengthening;

4. The development of applied research.

Management improvement concept and development strategy will be prepared. It will fix systematic actions which will let carry out above mentioned strategic activities and spread the competitive advantage of ISLB. The aim of the project is to improve management effectiveness and activity quality of ISLB, which will lead to the strengthening of ISLB competitiveness.

The preparation of development strategies and management improvement concepts will encompass all main government bodies of ISLB. For the preparation and realisation of management improvement concepts and strategies, new competences for the government bodies should be developed. The project will help ISLB to adjust to the demands made by Higher Education Reform, strengthening the competences of council members and other employees working on the preparation of strategies. The result of the shaped competences is a prepared and realised strategy of ISLB integrated development and the concept of its management improvement.

The project will improve science and study quality, competence and competitiveness of the future specialists. It will also improve the image of ISLB as well as well as the image of Lithuanian higher education institutions in the national and international markets. Collaboration between ISLB and business will be strengthened by shaping the development strategies of the college, training businessmen, conducting applied research for the business sector, shaping the new competences of the government body members.


The aim of the project is to improve management effectiveness and activity quality by improving the competence of the council members and administration staff. This will lead to the strengthening of the ISLB competitiveness.



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Project title  Countryside tourism – innovative products and marketing 

Project information

Programme Lifelong learning Erasmus Intensive programmes (IP)
Project No.  2009-1-FI1-ERA10-01886 
Project duration  2009.09-2012.08 (3 years) 
Project executor Piramk University of Applied Sciences, (Finland) 
Project partners  University of Salford, Salford Business School (Great Britain); Katholieke Hogeschool – Bruge Ostende (Belgium); International School of Law and Business 
Short description  The aim of the intensive programme is to give a chance for students to work in the intercultural environment solving the problems of small and medium sized enterprises, analysing problematic areas and looking for their solutions and the opportunities of the application of innovative means.