What ISLB students say?

Policy Statement

International School of Law and Business (ISLB) is a modern institution of higher education. Open to society, it is integrating into both Lithuanian and European educational systems. ISLB is oriented towards the needs and interests of Lithuanian and EU labour markets as well as towards the changes in infrastructure and the development of the education system. ISLB combines academic activity and scientific research thus realizing equal relations between teachers and students and implementing democratic principles.

The mission of ISLB is to provide students with a qualitative higher education that would correspond to the national state and international requirements, as well as to educate modern reasoning personalities able to create and implant innovations in the areas of business, science, culture and technologies, and start their own business in an international environment.

ISLB is oriented towards the tendencies of the EU education process and endeavours to harmonize its own policy with them. One of the main goals of ISLB is the internationalization of studies, thus ISLB strives to keep up with the EU education development, in order for students to have the best conditions to reach for contemporary European education. The priorities of ISLB and the activities taken in order to reach this goal are: integration into European educational processes; integration of the international / intercultural dimension into study programmes; development of new study programmes and modules as well as common project  activity in cooperation with partner institutions; improvement of the quality of programme implementation and arrangement of multilateral Erasmus projects with the aim to develop Joint modules and study programmes.

ISLB is successfully implementing the principles of the Bologna Process, strengthening international image of the institution, integrating successfully into the development processes of EU higher education, which provides students, lecturers and the administrative staff members with an opportunity to acquire international experience and to get acquainted with novelties in study process.

Students, academic and administrative staff members of ISLB actively participate in LLP/Erasmus programme together with over 60 academic partner institutions of higher education. Full-time and part-time 2nd and 3rd year students have an opportunity to study abroad for the period of 3-12 months. With the help of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), the study period in a foreign country is fully recognized at ISLB.

The functioning of LLP/Erasmus programme within ISLB and all practical information on student, academic and administrative staff mobility (process on selection procedures, distribution and transferring of finances, and recognition of study period abroad) is clearly defined in the internal Erasmus regulations which may be accessed online at ISLB website.

International Relations Office aims at the following activities while implementing LLP/Erasmus at ISLB: expansion of the international cooperation; quality assurance of students’, lecturers’ and administrative staff mobility; counselling outgoing students and lecturers within the Lifelong Learning/Erasmus programme; coordination of incoming students and lecturers; consulting on the matters of studies, teaching visits and international projects; dissemination of information about possibilities of studies abroad, conferences, seminars; representation of the College in international environment.

There is a functioning Mentor Programme in International School of Law and Business which unites all the ISLB students willing to assist the incoming Erasmus students, consult them with matters related to studies, and help them to settle in the new environment.

The information on Erasmus activities, EUC and EPS will be given visibility and will be publicized at the official ISLB website, in all brochures and other information material.

International School of Law and Business provides equal opportunities upon admission or employment to all students and staff members without discrimination. It does not discriminate, either directly or indirectly, its students and staff members on the grounds of gender, race, colour, nationality, age, marital status, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs, disability, or any other circumstances. The College infrastructure is also adjusted for students with special needs.

The fulfillment the aforementioned core objectives assures the successful integration of International School of Law and Business into the European Higher Education Area.

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020