What ISLB students say?

Health Insurance

All international students are required to have medical insurance valid in Lithuania for the study period.

International School of Law and Business does not provide health coverage. Students must therefore be under the private insurance. The insurance can be obtained in the student’s home country or from a Lithuanian insurance company upon arrival.

Students from EU countries are not required to have any special health insurance. European insurance card or form E111 confirming that a student has EU health insurance is valid in Lithuania.

Health services are free of charge to those citizens whose home countries have signed agreements with Lithuania regulating treatment of the foreign citizens in Lithuania. Such countries are: Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Romania and Poland. Citizens from these countries after arrival must register at one of the clinics and after that they can get a medical service without any payment.

If you came holding national visa D, it means you have health insurance for the period of visa. When you get TRP, it is more convenient to have health insurance obtained in Lithuania.

It costs approximately 400 Lt (115 EUR) per year if you purchase it in Lithuania.

Students from non EU countries applying for the temporary residence permit in Lithuania have to prove to the migration office that they have a valid health insurance.

The following requirements for the insurance contract (policy) have to be fulfilled:

The health insurance contract (policy) shall guarantee that all the basic medical assistance costs and travel expenses which may arise in connection with the return (for health reasons) of an alien to homeland (medical transportation, including escort by medical brigade or a doctor) will be covered.

The following shall be indicated in the insurance policy:

  • Number of Health insurance contract (policy);
  • Information about the insurance company (name, address of registered office, telephone and fax numbers);
  • Full name of insured person;
  • The amount of health insurance (not less than 20 000 Lt);
  • Duration of health insurance contract (at least till the end of study period);
  • Territorial coverage of health insurance contract (policy);
  • Non-insured events (risks not covered).