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International relations


Deputy Head: Vaiva Metrikienė
Room: 505
E-mail:  vaiva.metrikiene@ttvam.lt
Tel.: +370 240 03 49
Fax: +370 246 03 00

Project Manager: Laura Stukėnaitė
Room: 505
E-mail:  laura.stukenaite@ttvam.lt
Tel.: +370 213 66 88
Fax: +370 246 03 00


Joint Study Programmes and Double Diplomas

Having expanded the international cooperation International School of Law and Business have been developing agreements with honorable European and American educational institutions, which create for ISLB students a shortcut pathways to additional degrees abroad. Joint study programmes and double diplomas is one of the underlying priorities in the fields of ISLB development.


International students may choose to complete their internships in Lithuania, their home country, or any other country in Europe. Professional internships are organized in the frames of LLP/Erasmus programme, as well as in cooperation with partner recruitment organizations in Greece and Spain.

Foreign partners

International School of Law and Business has signed over 100 Bilateral Agreements with partner – institutions from 24 different countries for the activities in the frames of LLP/Erasmus programme. Additionally, International School of Law and Business cooperates with 12 institutions in Great Britain, where graduates may apply for continuing and Master’s studies.

Participation in international programmes helps to integrate into the development processes of European Union higher education, provides students and with an opportunity to acquire international experience and to get acquainted with novelties in study process.

Our priorities:

  • integration into European educational processes
  • integration of the international / intercultural dimension into study programmes
  • development of new study programmes and modules as well as common project  activity in cooperation with partner institutions
  • improve the quality of programme implementation and arrangement of multilateral Erasmus projects with the aim to develop Joint modules and study programmes