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International Events

International Conference “In Search of Excellence in Higher Education”, 14th March 2013 

The conference will evolve around the promotion of excellence in higher education and two core themes will comprise challenges of implementing quality management systems as faced by higher education institutions and ways to intensify stakeholder, and in particular business, involvement in continuous improvement of study quality. The core topics are formulated as follows: Challenges for Total Quality Management in Higher Education andStakeholder Involvement: Synergy between Higher Education and Business.

The conference will include a plenary session with two keynote speeches on the aforesaid themes followed by two success stories. Subsequently, two panel discussions will be held around the themes.

Erasmus Intensive Programme (IP) Security, Human Rights and Democratization/Globalization: New Challenges for European Union, 21st May – 1st June 2012 

The general objective of this programme is to provide a profound insight into, and analysis of, the system of international and regional human rights protection in the light of contemporary problems of democracy building as well as review security development in Europe. The programme focuses on human rights established in the European Convention on Human Rights, the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, interpretation and scope of application as well as new developments after the Lisbon Treaty.

Leadership Strategies in the Era of Global Education, 23th February 2012

The conference focuses on the following topics: the priorities and objectives of higher education policy in the European Union, the trends and challenges of the globalization in higher education, internationalization strategy and development in higher education, the changing role of educators and students in higher education in a global context of change.

Study Visit, 6-9 December 2011

The study visit is part of the EU‘s Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-13 (LLP), which is coordinated by the European Centre for the Dvelopment of Vocational Training, CEDEFOP. Its objective is to support policy development and cooperation at European level in lifelong learning, notably in the context of the Lisbon process and the education and training agenda 2020 (E&T2020), as well as the Bologna and Copenhagen processes and their successors.

Erasmus Intensive Programme (IP) Conference Tourism as a Remedy for a Low-season Tourism Market, 5-16th December 2011

The objective of this programme is to increase the competencies and skills related to: analysis of the situation in tourism sector, solving of the problems associated with seasonality issue in tourism sector, providing solutions to seasonality problems in tourism sector by developing conference/seminars/meetings-related tourism activities and new products that have higher demand in low seasons.