What ISLB students say?

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Europe 2020: Policy Priorities and Objectives for Higher Education
Milda Špėlytė-Letulienė, Attaché for Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania, Belgium

Global Trends in Higher Education  
Prof. Dr. Maurits van Rooijen, President, Compostela Group of Universities, Rector Magnificus & CEO, Nyenrode Business University, The Netherlands

International Higher Education Strategies for Economic Development
Prof. Johan Mekkes, Chair Holder Entrepreneurship and Risk Finance, NHL University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

Internationalization: From a Cash Cow to a Sustainable Shared Learning Environment?
Dr. Bart Rienties, Chair, International Educational Innovation in Economics and Business (EDINEB), Lecturer, University of Surrey, The United Kingdom

Students and Educators in the Light of Global Changes in Higher Education
Egle Elle Tauris, Lecturer, School of Business, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Developing Organizational Strategies in Higher Education: Challenges and Possibilities
Darius Pietaris, Partner Consultant, TMD partners, Lithuania