What ISLB students say?

How does the Lithuanian-Sino programme Amber&Jade relate to the Netherlands?

2013 June 06

June 4th, Vilnius. “I am very happy to see real international exchange of knowledge taking place in our university,” rejoices Aneta Vaine, Head of International Relations and Project Management at the International School of Law and Business (ISLB) in Vilnius and the organizer of the Lithuanian-Sino intensive programme Amber&Jade.  The two-week programme has gathered together 15 multicultural student teams working on a Service Innovation Design assignment with real Lithuanian companies and, by doing so, developing their global outlook and professional skills.

Intensive multicultural programmes with Chinese higher education institutions were initiated in 2011 by Ton de Winter, a lecturer from the NHL University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. Thanks to Mr. Ton de Winter’s initiative these multicultural programmes have successfully been implemented in the Netherlands and China over the past three years and one is currently being carried out at the International School of Law and Business in Vilnius, Lithuania. Mr. Ton de Winter together with his Dutch colleagues – lecturers Paul Hartog, Albert Oostland and Ruud Henkens – have made a significant contribution to the programme Amber&Jade by sharing good practices and experience with ISLB teachers and Amber&Jade organizers, by leading the Service Innovation Design project and coaching the student teams.

In their home university Ton de Winter and Paul Hartog teach Innovation and Service Design so there contribution to the project is particularly valuable: the students are continuously supported and advised in their Service Innovation Design journey. “I have participated in seven intensive projects with international students and every time I am amazed at how fast and positive students of different national and cultural background are to establish a team spirit in the pursuit of a common aim. This is one of the greatest experiences a student can get during his or her studies,” Ton de Winter stresses. “In the Lithuanian programme every team works for a real Lithuanian company on an assignment which is about improving services to the customers. The concept of the programme is so rich that it brings enormous benefits to both students and teachers.”

“We have been cooperating with the NHL University of Applied Sciences in several areas – ISLB Business Management graduates can do a top-up year in this largest university in the North of the Netherlands and receive a second undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Engineering. The Dutch top-up year is mostly based on projects with and paid internship in real Dutch companies. The universities also cooperate in student and teacher exchange, in developing international projects and joint events. The NHL University of Applied Sciences is one of our preferred and most innovative foreign partner universities,” Aneta Vainė noted.