What ISLB students say?

International students enjoy programme Amber&Jade at ISLB

2013 June 11

May 27th – June 7th, Vilnius. An intensive programme Amber&Jade at International School of Law and Buseness has gathered together 15 multicultural student teams working on a Service Innovation Design assignment with real Lithuanian companies. Students have developed a great advantage in gaining the real multicultural experience and friends from 12 diffrent countries.

„The project is pushing us to think some new ideas which is important for our future.“ Bora Boke (Turkey), studying Business Management at ISLB .

„I have more motivation to move faster toward my aims.“ Rūta Simulytė, studying  Visual Communication at ISLB .

„These two weeks were the best in my life! I hope this project will continue.” Linas Binkulis, studying Tourism and Hotel Management at ISLB.

“For me, I mostly enjoyed the creativity in daily activities. “ Ibrahim Adagbenga Salisu (Nigeria), studying Business Management at ISLB.

“I’ve never seen myself so serious in working.” Himansu Rana (India), studying Tourism and Hotel Management at ISLB.

“Different opinions of different members from different cultures make this project even more awesome. I didn’t expect this to be so interesting.” Safarli Samir (Azerbaijan), studying International Business Law at ISLB.

“I liked creativity.” Julius Blankus, studying  Visual Communication at ISLB.

„I love cultural pitches in the mornings, also all evenings with Chinese students in the city.“ Simona Žostautaitė,studying Tourism and Hotel Management at ISLB.

“We come from different countries, but we have the same smile! Love you all!” Xueni Yang (China), studying English translation in China.

“We enjoyed all the process, these two weeks must be my most amazing experience in my life.” Zhiling Luo (China), studying International trade in China.