What ISLB students say?

Invitation to participate in the intensive programme in Chinese Higher Education Institution

2013 June 25

ISLB students are kindly invited to participate in the intensive two-week program which will be held on 13-26 of October 2013 in Chinese Higher Education Institution. In total 40 students from NHL University of Applied Sciences and 80 students from Chinese Higher Education Institution will participate in the programme.

The intensive program is organized on the basis of the experience of the successful intensive programmes Amber&Jade which was held on 27 of May – 7 of June in ISLB, and the Dutch Lions&Chinese Dragons which 4 times was held in China and the Netherlands in 2011 – 2013.
During the intensive programme students will work in multicultural teams, will deal with tasks of real Chinese business enterprises, will participate in cultural programmes, and will have the excursions.
The preliminary cost of the programme – € 300 (the cost includes accommodation costs, meals 3 times a day, cultural programs and excursions). Travel and visa expenses have to be paid by the participants themselves.

More detailed information about the intensive programme will be presented to the persons who made the registration.
Please make a registration by e-mail laura.stukenaite@ttvam.lt until 15th of September 2013.

Contact person: Laura Stukėnaitė, ISLB International Relations and Project Manager, e-mail laura.stukenaite@ttvam.lt.