What ISLB students say?

Anano Chikhradze


Studying at ISLB was easy for me from the very beginning. It’s because of friendly environment here and the teachers who are so friendly, trying to help you every time.

I have some friends among Lithuanian students and they really enjoy communicating with international students. We are going out sometimes together and having rest and fun downtown.

I take seriously my lectures and I usually try to do my homework first and only after have relax with friends. This is because most of the lectures are full of discussing topics and I like to be ready for that.

As I plan to profile my career in criminology in future, all the subjects linking to criminal law have important influence on my future career. I care about my skills, so it’s good that that we work in groups here. I believe it is also the key of my success because in future I will have to manage working with people and I need to have group working skills.

Dream? Could be millions of them.. However, for me dreams are real. If I’m dreaming it means that I will do everything to put this dream in life. My main dream  is to have successful career and that’s why I study abroad.

Anano Chikhradze, From Georgia, Studying International Bussiness Law at ISLB