What ISLB students say?

Arvydas Valeika


hello, i am typing in lowercase, because this is a rule in japanese restaurant chain wagamama, where i work. even the company’s official documents are written in lowercase letters. such rule is designed to emphasize the uniqueness of the company’s approach and this has become my habit already 🙂

so while i was graduating from the hotel and tourism management studies at islb, birmingham college (a partner of islb) offered to continue studies in the uk. islb really helped me to execute the necessary documentation and most of the subjects i had in islb were counted in, so i had to take very few catch-up classes, and i jumped right in to the final year of hospitality business management study program. i was very fortunate because the college found a practice for me in the global hilton hotel, where i have got an incredibly valuable experience and i was paid. now i am a front of house manager at wagamama, southampton, 75 miles from london. this is a popular and well-known restaurant in the uk. I am really okJ

Arvydas Valeika/ Manager/ Studied Tourism and hotel business at ISLB