What ISLB students say?

Erlandas Mikėnas


“I would emphasize that theoretical knowledge given at ISLB is very useful also for the experienced employees. Especially law and practice-related subjects deliver remarkably more competence when working in the field of transport or logistics. Undergraduates may obviously expect the best education and training in transport and logistics, here.

Erlandas Mikėnas is the member of presidium and the chairman of the legal and organizational committee of a National Road Carrier’s Association Linava, the president of the Carrier Club of Kaunas (transl.), C.E.O. of Autotransport Vedauta, Ltd. (transl.), alsothe director of Tenta&service, Ltd. and Habitas, NGO.




Erlandas Mikėnas/ General manager/ Graduated from the logistics studies at ISLB