What ISLB students say?

Himanshu Rana

Tarptautinis studentas

ISLB accepted me really well when i first came here. I had many group presentations on my first day which helped me to get comfortable with other students and my shyness of being in a new place vanished in a second. It was like as if I came from my country and found a new home.

Friends. As a matter of fact almost all my friends are Lithuanian. When I came to ISLB i was the only Indian student here so I made friends all native and of every other country. They accepted me as one of their own and taught me a lot of lithuanian words. I actually like spending my time more with lithuanian friends than Indians as I feel really comfortable among them: I live with lithuanian guys, I hang out with them, I party with them on the weekends. Its like as if I’m half Lithuanian now 🙂

Lithuania. Yes, I enjoy living in Lithuania. I do boxing, go to the lake in summers, do my homework, talk to my friends, spend time with my flatmates, make them laugh by my stories comments and trolls, communicate with people.

My studies. I personally liked studying psychology here because it helped me a lot in developing the personality that I have today. It changed me totally. Im a total new person now because of the lectures I had in ISLB.

My dream is to become the general manager/Director of a big hotel chain. I love when I have a lot of responsibilities over my head and power in my hands. I’m a leader, sure a beginner, but I like to take the command and lead my team to the best possible limits. So that I can break the limits and raise new bars of achievement.

Right after my studies I wish to start working. I don’t want to waste time by taking a break from studies, I want to imply what I learned at ISLB in my profession and reach the top as fast as possible.

Himanshu Rana, From India, Studies Tourism and Hotel Business