What ISLB students say?

Selim Asgarov

Intenational student from Azerbaijan

One of my friends have suggested me to study in Lithuania and local agency managed me to join ISLB. I really like business studies here because its practical and interesting.

Still I prefer political subjects because it builds my dream career in the future. I would like to be a good Diplomat.

Lithuanian students are very friendly with me also they respect and help me so much. I have lots of Lithuanain friends not only in Vilnius but in all Lithuanian cities.

So, I learn Lithuanian language, make cultural projects and try to share my culture with Lithuanians, I go for sport here, having parties, too.

After I graduate ISLB, I have a plan to continue my studies in Vilnius for one more degree. Then, if I would make a good business or if I would get a good job in Lithuania I would be glad to stay and work with Lithuanians.

Selim Asgarov, From Azerbaijan, Studying International Business Law